That's us above. We are Jenn & Shannon Mormon, owners and photographers at Kept In Time. 

When we met in 2012, we already shared a passion for photography. It has only grown as we've grown together over time. 

When we planned our own wedding we decided to keep it simple and elope to Maui, just the two of us, and get married on the beach. It was a great plan, and as you can see from the photos above, we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day! It took us a while to get there though, as Shannon was in an accident a week before we were supposed to leave for Maui and spent over 2 months in the hospital. While still hospitalized with 2 broken wrists and a fractured pelvis and in a wheel chair, we had a small ceremony at city call. Both of our wedding days were equally as beautiful in very different ways. And at both weddings our photographers doubled as our witnesses. 

Shannon began Kept In Time before we met when he was living out-of-state. But after his accident we decided to get the business back up and going. Less than a year later we moved our blended family to Walnut Creek where we have been establishing ourselves with our new clients. 

We started off doing mostly children's photography, family portraits, and youth sports photography. We have also done some commercial and event photography for local small businesses. When we decided to add weddings to our services we did so with the realization that weddings are a big deal to people. When they hire a wedding photographer they are putting their trust into someone whom they hope will capture some of the most special moments in their lives. That is why we take it as an honor and a privilege when any of our clients hire use to capture their special moments. 

What Our Clients Say:

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“So I just looked through the photos and I’m crying with joy and appreciation!!!!! You captured my family perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your artist approach and angles. I love my feet shots and close ups. The family photos I adore are the kissing one and the one you gave us a sneak preview. There are so many shots of the girls that I will need them all! You both are so amazing!”
— D, Family Portrait Client
“I am extremely happy with the photos! You did an amazing job with the poses and capturing the moment for our family! It was so easy to work with you and a pleasure.”
— C, Family Portrait Client
“I’m really happy with how our photos turned out. So pretty. You sure did a great job capturing our special day. Thank you!”
— E, Bride
“The pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful photos of our family. Thank you for taking your time to edit and even give us the options of the black & white and/or color. We will surely refer you guys to our family & friends!”
— H, Family Portrait Client
“I have been gushing to everyone about our experience with you guys.”
— E, Bride
“Jenn helped me plan my engagement in order to get a very memorable experience. I couldn’t have done it without her.”
— S, Future Groom