Keeana & Daniel's Engagement Shoot: Regional Parks Botanical Garden, Berkeley & Lakeshore and Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Keeana and Daniel are getting married this summer. They are both East Bay natives, and they take advantage of all that the East Bay has to offer. They frequently enjoy going on weekend hikes in the hills and relax by grabbing some iced teas and strolling around Lakeshore and Lake Merritt.

Their engagement shoot was basically a relaxing afternoon of exploring the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, then heading down to Lakeshore and visiting the restaurant where they had their first date. 

We caught a gorgeous spring day in the Botanic Garden. I love it when my couples have such a relaxed vibe and are able to enjoy their surroundings together. I get to be the third wheel, but they didn't seem to mind too much!

After taking in some sunshine and flowers, we headed down to Rolling Dunes, the restaurant where they had their first date. I loved the casual cafe style, as well as the warm brick walls with bold and fun artwork. 

Then we took a walk down to Lake Merritt as the sun was getting low. Seeing as this was a warm spring evening in April, there were lots of people out at the lake, as well. But we were still able to capture some peaceful moments in this bustling area of Oakland. 

I typically do most of my shoots in a natural setting, but had been wanting to do something more urban for quite a while. I was so glad when Keeana was open to the idea and suggested Lakeshore as an area that was meaningful to them. 

After spending the afternoon with them, I'm looking forward to their summer wedding even more!

Justine & Mitch: Engagement Shoot: Fort Point, San Francisco, CA

We had planned this shoot weeks in advance. But in the days leading up, Justine and I were both checking the weather and noticed that it was due to rain. So we made the decision to change locations to a place that would offer cover from the rain when needed, as well as pavement so we didn't squish into the mud. 

Now mind you that I usually don't mind tromping through mud or getting wet in the rain. But when you've got a future bride with her makeup and hair done, a hot new pair of boots, plus white jeans, sometimes you just gotta make the decision to play things safe. 

We were so happy with our decision. First, it poured all morning and into the afternoon. And secondly, the location we chose was amazing. Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is such a neat place to visit. And by the time we got into our shoot the rain had taken a break and we were able to get out by the Bay and get some great shots in front of the water. 

A special bonus during our shoot: a rainbow! That has to be a good omen for these two, right?!

And Justine and Mitch are just not a perfect pair, they are a fun family. Their two boys came along for some shots that kept the day light. 

Can you tell these guys are Raiders fans?

We're looking forward to Justine and Mitch's wedding next spring!

Denielle & Richard's Engagement Shoot

You know when you can be out at the crack of dawn in the blustery, gray morning that is summer in San Francisco and you still feel warm inside you must have found the right person to hold your heart. 

We met Denielle & Richard at Crissy Field to catch the glorious morning light overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, in true San Francisco fashion, the bridge was completely fogged in. Like you could kind of see the very bottom of one of the pillars sometimes, but mostly it was all just gray. So we all played it flexible and went to location number 2 first. 

We went down the road a few blocks to the Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts never fails. 

These two were so natural with each other. 

After getting some fun shots we decided to give the beach at Crissy Field again. It was still quite foggy but it made for a fun shoot anyway, with just a hint of the bridge under the fog. 

We're excited to shoot Denielle & Richard's wedding in just a few months!