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Ellie & Ryan's Wedding: Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA

If you asked me for advice on wedding planning from a photographer's perspective, one of my top 3 tips would be to NOT plan an outdoor wedding at high noon. (The sun high in the sky is not ideal for lighting your photos. Feel free to ask more if you're curious.) That being said, Ellie & Ryan's beach wedding at mid-day couldn't have been more beautiful!

The couple planned an intimate ceremony with some of their closest loved ones present, including Ryan's spunky son Sterling, who was an integral part of the day. Besides the unfortunate event of losing a fuzzy caterpillar among the shag carpet in the house they were renting, he was the perfect wingman to his dad on their big day.

(Side note: We're sure the caterpillar escaped to freedom back in the garden to grow it's wings.)

Ellie was missing her family in Italy who couldn't be there with her, but they were on her mind and obviously in her heart. I'm sure they were imaginging what a stunning bride she would be, and in all their wildest dreams, I know for a fact they were right. 

I love rings with a little pop of color! Ellie's ring had the perfect color and feel to go along with their light, bright beach wedding. And the yard around the house they were staying at had so much color to add with the ocean in the background.

There was nothing additional needed to make Ellie pop! She looked so stunning in her flowy dress, soft hair, and glowing skin. 

Once they were ready, everyone headed across the street to the beach where the wedding ceremony was performed on the rocks just above the sand and crashing waves. Ryan and Sterling admired Ellie as she approached them down the steps. 

With the brightest blue sky and the deepest blue-green sea as their backdrop, Ellie and Ryan solidified the union as a family of three. 

After the ceremony, Ellie kicked off her heels and we walked down to the beach below for some portraits of the couple. 

And of course, more shots with the whole family together.

Sterling's smile just says it all!

With the ocean breeze all around and the sun high in the sky, these two (plus 1) stepped into the future together fueled by love. 

Wishing you all many bright sunny days in your lives together!