Monday Morning with Milo

Milo likes to explore. After a walk through the park he decided to take a detour through the creek. I've stopped him there before, but this time I decided to let him go for it. He stepped right in without hesitation and enjoyed splashing and stomping through the water for a few minutes before he was ready to move on. 

I must say, when I was a first-time mom I was much more hesitant to let my older son do such things at a young age. It feels good to feel more relaxed about letting this little guy explore the world around him. That being said, we did go right home after this and get washed off and warmed up!

Daytrip to Ardenwood Historic Farm, Fremont, CA

Today Milo and I took a drive down to Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont. I've driven past it so many times, and we used to live just across the bridge on the peninsula for many years. I'm so glad we finally checked it out! 

It was a perfect California fall day. Warm enough for light layers, and a thin, soft white layer of clouds to filter the sunlight. The landscape was lush and green, and there were fall leaves everywhere! 

We spent a couple of hours walking around, saying 'hi' to the goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, peacocks, cats, and cows that reside there. Milo enjoyed checking out the many tractors, although he kept calling them airplanes! I mostly enjoyed watching him. We both spent quite a bit of time in one patch that had a thick layer of fall leaves. He waded through them up to his knees and sat in them up to his waist. 

We got up close with the peacocks as we just sat on the ground as they roamed around the garden. Milo was a bit disappointed that neither of the two gray fluffy cats we saw stuck around so he could pet them. 

Do you see the peacock? 

He tried to find his way into the chicken coop, but finally gave up and was ready to move on to something else. Thankfully there was so much else to see. 

I'm just so in love with his hair! Sometimes it's curly. Sometimes it's wispy. Sometimes it wild and crazy. Don't hate me if I occasionally post a picture of the back of his head just to document the cuteness!

I'm looking forward to our next visit to Ardenwood in the near future! As I write this I'm hoping that Milo is having sweet dreams of crunchy leaves, tractors, green grass, goats, chickens, peacocks, and friendly soft gray cats. Now I plan to go off to have my own sweet farm dreams!