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Ellie & Ryan's Wedding: Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA

If you asked me for advice on wedding planning from a photographer's perspective, one of my top 3 tips would be to NOT plan an outdoor wedding at high noon. (The sun high in the sky is not ideal for lighting your photos. Feel free to ask more if you're curious.) That being said, Ellie & Ryan's beach wedding at mid-day couldn't have been more beautiful!

The couple planned an intimate ceremony with some of their closest loved ones present, including Ryan's spunky son Sterling, who was an integral part of the day. Besides the unfortunate event of losing a fuzzy caterpillar among the shag carpet in the house they were renting, he was the perfect wingman to his dad on their big day.

(Side note: We're sure the caterpillar escaped to freedom back in the garden to grow it's wings.)

Ellie was missing her family in Italy who couldn't be there with her, but they were on her mind and obviously in her heart. I'm sure they were imaginging what a stunning bride she would be, and in all their wildest dreams, I know for a fact they were right. 

I love rings with a little pop of color! Ellie's ring had the perfect color and feel to go along with their light, bright beach wedding. And the yard around the house they were staying at had so much color to add with the ocean in the background.

There was nothing additional needed to make Ellie pop! She looked so stunning in her flowy dress, soft hair, and glowing skin. 

Once they were ready, everyone headed across the street to the beach where the wedding ceremony was performed on the rocks just above the sand and crashing waves. Ryan and Sterling admired Ellie as she approached them down the steps. 

With the brightest blue sky and the deepest blue-green sea as their backdrop, Ellie and Ryan solidified the union as a family of three. 

After the ceremony, Ellie kicked off her heels and we walked down to the beach below for some portraits of the couple. 

And of course, more shots with the whole family together.

Sterling's smile just says it all!

With the ocean breeze all around and the sun high in the sky, these two (plus 1) stepped into the future together fueled by love. 

Wishing you all many bright sunny days in your lives together!

Roxanne & Nick's Wedding: Boundary Oak Golf Course, Walnut Creek, CA

Roxanne and Nick had originally envisioned a smaller destination wedding, but after deciding that they wanted to include more family, they ended up choosing to get married in their hometown of Walnut Creek. They actually chose a venue that both of them spent time at in their youth, before they even knew each other. 

Boundary Oak Golf Course is a beautiful venue overlooking the East Bay Hills, and it was the perfect venue for a larger wedding that included all of their family from far and wide. In addition to including all of their family, they chose to also honor Nick's family's heritage with a Chinese Tea Ceremony before their traditional American ceremony. 

Roxanne got to wear 2 gorgeous dresses on her wedding day. First, the red and gold dress she wore for the tea ceremony, then the white dress for the other ceremony. And she wore these amazing Badgley Mischka heels with both dresses. 

Roxanne's grandmother, who she was very close to, passed years before her wedding. Roxanne kept her there in spirit by carrying some of her jewelry with her. She also had a special moment with her grandfather before the wedding by pinning a boutonniere on him in commemoration of her grandmother. 

Nick arrived shortly after and finished his getting ready by putting on his traditional red and gold suit for the tea ceremony. He had the help of his brother/Best Man.

The Chinese Tea Ceremony is a means of the couple paying respect to their elder family members. Here, Roxanne and Nick serve her parents tea. 

Once the tea ceremony was complete, Roxanne changed into her white dress for the next ceremony. Her Maid of Honor helped by pinning a gorgeous pink flower in Roxanne's hair to complete her classic, elegant look. 

The ceremony took place overlooking the golf course. The green grass, trees, and surrounding hills couldn't have provided a more stunning backdrop! During the ceremony, Roxanne and Nick's two young boys acted as ring bearers, escorted by Nick's parents. 

It is was so special seeing Roxanne and her older son celebrate together after the ceremony!

We then hopped in a couple of golf carts and went to the famous Boundary Oak tree for a few portraits of the wedding couple. We timed it just right before sunset!

Roxanne and Nick put a lot into planning a gorgeous day of celebration with their families. Although it can be stressful putting together all the details for such a grand day, it was so great seeing them finally getting to enjoy the moments with their friends and family that they had planned for so long.

We wish Roxanne and Nick the best as they continue their lives together, and we hope to see them around town!

Denielle & Richard's Engagement Shoot

You know when you can be out at the crack of dawn in the blustery, gray morning that is summer in San Francisco and you still feel warm inside you must have found the right person to hold your heart. 

We met Denielle & Richard at Crissy Field to catch the glorious morning light overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, in true San Francisco fashion, the bridge was completely fogged in. Like you could kind of see the very bottom of one of the pillars sometimes, but mostly it was all just gray. So we all played it flexible and went to location number 2 first. 

We went down the road a few blocks to the Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts never fails. 

These two were so natural with each other. 

After getting some fun shots we decided to give the beach at Crissy Field again. It was still quite foggy but it made for a fun shoot anyway, with just a hint of the bridge under the fog. 

We're excited to shoot Denielle & Richard's wedding in just a few months!